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Golf Rule & Regulations


  Club Rules



Dong Nai Golf Club rules

Article 1: Reservation

  1. Golfers must book one week before for playing golf on weekends or holidays
  2. Booking need to proceed through phone call, fax, email or booking directly with booking team in Sale Department. Golfer who reserve first will receive priority
  3. On weekends or holidays, Golf club will deny accepting playing golf of non booking customer. In another ways, Starter team will observe situation in the ground then they could arrange for customers play if there are free time.
  4. Caddie booking is also proceeded like above method. Golf club has right to deny any request if customer need to book caddie on day when the caddie absent or arranged for other customer.

Article 2: Check in

Before playing golf at the golf course, golfers must complete check in procedure at reception desk and notice their existence at Starter Department

Article 3: Booking cancellation

  1. In case customer could not come to Golf course at time which they have booked already, golfers must contact to Booking team in Sale Department through email, phone call or fax for cancellation at least 48 hours in advance. If customers do not notice about their cancellation, Golf club will apply a fixed fine for the customers.
  2. In case golfers regularly absent in the day have booked before, Golf club will consider about customer booking priority.

Article 4: Being late for Tee shot time

  1. Golfers need to come early to check in at reception desk then notice about their existence at Starter department 10 minutes in advance tee shot time.
  2. If golfers are too late, they must wait for Golf club staff arranges another free time.
  3. With golfers regularly late, they will lost their booking priority

Article 5 : Flight

  1. On Saturday, Sunday & holidays, the maximum number of golfers play in a flight is 4 and minimum is 3 people. With flight has under 3 golfers does not have priority to play first. In this case, Golf club will arrange to join in another group.
  2. On Saturday, Sunday & holidays, group over 3 people has right to play first to ensure playing speed in the ground
  3. The number in a flight could not over 4 people. With over 4 people in group, they will receive warning from Golf Club. If they do not make good after warning, golf club will stop the playing right of the customer in that group. Besides, they must pay all fee according to Golf Club rules

Article 6: Payment


Due to rain, storm, lightning golfers can not continue playing (except dark)

Play 1 to 2 holes: no payment

            10-11 holes: pay for 9 holes

            19-20 holes: pay for 18 holes


In good weather condition, golfers decide to stop playing

Play from 1 to 9 holes: pay for 9 holes

                        10-18 holes: pay for 18 holes

                        19-27 holes: pay for 27 holes

Article 7: Having breaks

  1. Golfer can have break at stand course in maximum 10 minutes. In case another group comes, group having break need to give way for that group pass them in the course.
  2. After completing 9 holes, golfers can have break but they need to notice for Golf club staff for arranging playing time in next round. On Saturday, Sunday&Holidays or in peak season, it is better for golfers have break after finishing 9 holes. If necessary, golfer need to notice for golf club staff for arranging playing time in next round

Article 8: Playing speed

  1. Do not play too slowly. The standard time for 9 holes is 2 hours and 20 minutes and maximum time is 4 hours and 40 minutes for 18 holes.

2.During playing if golfers play too slowly or be left behind one hole or more, they must give way for the faster-moving group pass. In case the show-moving group does not want to give way for other groups or could not improve their speed after warning from golf club, Golf club will stop their playing right and request to pay for all finished holes.

3.With holes has 3 clubs in standard, after the ball of player in the group has been taken up to the hole, players must give way for the next group tee off (CALL HOLES) .
  1. Players without handicap, high handicap or beginners must tee off at white TEE. Must not tee off at Blue TEE without approval from golf club
  2. In peak hours, golf club will limit beginners .
6.When the ball dropped into the area difficult to find the ball, seeking time is not over 5 minutes. If golfers continued to find the ball or make phone calls , they must give way for next group.

Article 9: Safety rules

  1. 1.     Safety on the golf road is the most important thing. Before teeing players must make sure that their partners , caddies and players in the group before are in  the safety distance (away from the danger area ) . 
2.      Before putting the ball on the hole, the player must ensure pin area and range around has nobody for teeing off.
3.      Children under 16 years old want to go to the ground need approval from the club , and must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for children’s security on the ground.
4.      Non- golfers who go with players to the ground must pay for 18 holes and must comply all the safety rules .
5.      Golfers must always follow all safety instructions from Caddies , Marsha
6.      When hiring buggy, customers  please read carefully and follow the using instructions 
7.      When using the buggy, customers must take all responsibility for their rental equipment . If there is damage or loss, customer are responsible for compensation.
8.      When the weather is bad or dangerous, customers please stop playing and move to rain shelter or rest areas to ensure safety. Until there are no dangers customer has right to continue playing.
9.      When the ball into the OB area , wooded area , lake area , suggest you not to pick up the ball in order to avoid unwanted accidents 
10. When the ball into the OB area , wooded area , lake area , suggest you not to pick up the ball in order to avoid unwanted accidents 
11. When the ball dropped into the OB area , wooded area , lake area , customers must not pick up the ball in order to avoid unwanted accidents.

Article 10: Behavior

1.      Each player must have their own set of clubs, Do not shared with others’ clubs.
2.      When go to the ground, players need to wear dedicated shoes for playing golf. Costume must follow the regulations of the club : do not wear leather shoes , high heels , jeans , shirt without collar and sleeve, shirts , short pants, gowns ... .
3.      While playing golf , you do not make a loud noise. The phone should set the smallest level ring or vibrate mode. When using the phone, players should avoid disturbing and affecting other people playing golf .
4.      Do not scoring in the holes , scoring on the road  moving to the next hole .
5.      When playing in the ground, customers can not use the practice ball , you should use authentic ball for golf.
Article 11: Ground keeping
1        To maintain the quality of the ground , customer must drive buggy on the cart path in other word you do not drive buggy on the ground. If customers run on the ground without the approval from the club, after Marshal warning, the club will acquire buggy and customer must pay the full costs for the played holes .
2        Please do not rub or scuff , running or sitting , lying on the putting green area
3        Please do not throw garbage on the pitch. Customer can move them for Caddie 
4        While playing golf , if there was grass array popping up after brushing , sanding must be filled up.
6.      Scraping, filling the flat sand after the polishing is done, do not leave marks on the sand .
7.      When customer are on the ground please do not use a cane or other device to damage the playing ground . If there are any damage on the ground for any reason , the club will impose penalties for their guests. The fine is fixed by the club






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